Contract mural Installation

Product Description

Each mural is packaged in two* independent rolls of panels each with a 105 cm / 41,3″.

  • PART 1/2 contains the odd panels
  • PART 2/2 contains the even panels.

* If the mural is small, it will be packaged in one roll. If the mural is extremely large, it will be divided into more than 2 rolls.

How to prepare the wall

  1. Check that the wall is clean, smooth, free from imperfections and dry. Strip all remaining wallpaper.
  2. Eliminate colour dierences or contrasts. The surface should be uniform in colour.

How to install the wallpaper

  1. Tools: Scissors, cutter, heavy-duty, premixed vinyl adhesive, brush or roller, rubber spatula for wall coverings, cloth and a long ruler.

  2. Extend the rolls and cut each panel just after its numeric footer (keep the number to avoid losing the order).

  3. Arrange all the panels from left to right according to the numeric footers and lay them in front of the wall to be covered.

  4. Check before the installation that the mural is complete and that each panel matches with the next.

  5. Apply the glue with a brush or roller onto the wall and spread it evenly across the surface. To achieve an optimum adhesion, apply the glue to a slightly larger surface than the panel.

  6. Stick the dry panels from left to right and from top to bottom, smoothing them down with a plastic wall covering spatula or a cloth to eliminate air bubbles.

  7. Repeat this process until all panels are hung overlapping the joins approximately 2 cm/ 0,8” (both design’s panels should match).

  8. The overlapping area between panels will be removed with a cutter and with the help of a ruler to guide the cutting. Remove the two leftover strips.

  9. With a damp cloth, soly remove glue leovers.

  10. Cut the remaining wall covering with a cutter, using a ruler to guide the cutter. Mural installation.

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