Pom Pom

Mural wallpaper
REF: R13392

2,00 €

Black vertical lines stream through white diamond shaped figures. Detailed with muted gray, this subtle blend has a paper-thin quality. An expansive feel with depth, the pom pom, black 3-d mural is visually pleasing and inspirational. The 3-D design lends a modern scheme to your screen and conjures a sleek, polished look. Brilliant minds think alike; Rebel Walls Spectrum´s creations constitute all the professional techniques which are befitting for the studious minded as well as the up to date, innovative worker. The imagery lends a fashionable touch to your high-tech world, mixing refinement with practicality.

Custom size
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All our wallpapers are delivered in the highest Non-Woven quality. If you would like the wallpaper in vinyl quality, please contact info@trestintas.com and we will give you the price.

Tags: deco