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Beloved meadow flowers from our Swedish flora, with precious details and an airy expression in lively colors feature on Simon's Meadow. Heath pea, meadow buttercup, common lady's mantle, white clover, bird's-eye speedwell, wood sorrel, maidenhair spleenwort, maiden pink and heath violet grow on this delightful colorful design which is offered on a pretty white or a play earthy brown background. Simon's meadow which inspired this floral wallpaper is located in Granshult, outside of the city of Jönköping. In this field habitat, created with continuity of harvest, great botanical knowledge and personal dedication, Simon has cultivated 79 species in his meadow. This wallpaper is a dedicated to this amazing botanical resource.

All our wallpapers and murals are delivered on the highest quality Non-woven paper, if you want vinyl paper, contact us and we will give you the quotification to the vynil or contract substrates.

Tags: floral, Arboretum